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Multi-Discipline Simulation Platform

ISL (InSystemLab) is a joint numerical simulation platform fostering collaboration between different disciplines in the field of engineering.


ISL - From API to Platform


An open API

ISL Core API is a co-simulation API based on the Functional Mock-up Interface standard offering great flexibility in terms of communication models and synchronization algorithms.


Agent-based approach

Operating on the "Agent-based" principle, the ISL Core API favors an autonomous behavior of the connected simulators. Each simulator has control over its simulation and its connectivity with the co-simulation.


Weak or Strong Coupling

Depending on the simulation context, the ISL Core API offers the necessary functionalities allowing each connector to operate in a weak or strong coupling context depending on its configuration.

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Data Connected

Because of its connectivity with databases such as MySQL, SQLite or MS SQL, the ISL Core API offers many advantages such as operating with existing data or saving the analyses performed.

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Web-based collaboration

ISL Core API is accompanied by ISL Web App, a web application to configure, control or analyze locally or remotely the co-simulations operating with the ISL Core API.


Exploration and Optimization

Just as an ISL co-simulation can operate via a web application, it is easy to integrate ISL Core API in design exploration and optimization environments, or in MBSE solutions.

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About E-Sim Solutions

Experts in Interoperability applied to Modeling and Simulation

E-Sim Solutions is a young and dynamic company offering software solutions that foster collaboration and innovation among engineering teams within your company and with your business partners. Today, the design of complex products or systems, and more particularly the modeling and simulation steps involve many engineering fields to collaborate very early in the product life cycle. Due to the technical diversity and the availability of resource people, it is often difficult to efficiently obtain the information needed to develop each of the subsystems composing the final product.


Effective collaboration is a critical performance issue for most companies. In this perspective of efficiency and communication, E-Sim Solutions designs modeling and simulation solutions combining ease of use with a user experience-oriented design, and a dynamic interoperability between models supporting an integration of your simulation tools and your processes.


Below we present some elements to help you gain a better general understanding of our technology.

How are simulators synchronized with ISL?

Each simulator acts as an independent agent. It communicates with the outside via variables connected to nodes operating as autonomous communication arbiters using different types of synchronization algorithms. Synchronization is local and no other software is required for proper operation.

What programming languages are available with the ISL API?

The ISL Core API has been developed in C++ language to enable better operational efficiency. In order to bring a wider and more complete use of ISL, we have made available to our users, in addition to the C++ API, versions in C language, in dotNet with notably C#, in Java, in Fortran and in Python.

What are the means of management and control of the co-simulation?

Even if the ISL API is sufficient on its own to operate autonomously with the connected simulators, we recommend using our tools provided with the ISL Web App platform to efficiently manage the steps of creating the co-simulation platform, controlling the simulators and analyzing the results.

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